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Ministry of Social Security and Labor of the Republic of of Lithuania

Bridging and Increasing Reach of Info-platforms for Ukrainian Refugees

7 September 2022 - 3 March 2023


For today 69 522 (incl. 24 894 children) Ukrainian war refugees settled down in Lithuania. Most of them are women with kids. According to OECD surveys, Ukrainian refugees have high digital literacy and access to digital devices.

The overview of the integration process in Lithuania and abroad also shows that access to information should be in focus as a key to successful integration. In response to that more than 30+ web pages were created by governmental, NGO’s, and private institutions dedicated to info support for Ukrainians. Nevertheless, the lack of updated information on vital needs is still indicated as a problem.

Another problem this team faced was scattered data within the governmental institutions. All the information, which is important for the integration (job market, accommodation, places in schools and kindergartens) comes from different Ministries and Systems. It makes the job for municipalities and NGO difficult when it comes to finding a place to stay for Ukrainian refugees according to their needs.


The project goal is to increase the reach of existing information resources for Ukrainian refugees, providing recommendations and support on constant update of their content.

Additional the team wanted also to relieve the workload for municipalities and all institutions, which are working with coordinating the flow of refugees. Goal was to create a tool where all the relevant data will be gathered and shown in one place, so there is no need to be searching for it.

Project progress


Integration Problem Map developed and visualized


Overview: digital communication channels as a source of information for Ukrainian refugees; analysis of municipalities suitable for housing Ukrainians (LT version only)


Analysis of present info-platforms for Ukrainian refugees in Lithuania


The plan for the SuUkraina upgrade was agreed upon with Ltua.lt coordinator in the Government office


Technical specification for an interactive map to help with integration (LT version only)


SuUkraina upgraded: content, usability, and new platform. The report on the editing result is provided


Start of ltua.lt awareness campaign in social media and offline


Plan for the next 6 months, provided, instructions for editor provided

Project files


The project had two directions. First, to increase the reach of existing information. Therefore, the governmental gateway ltua.lt was updated and improved, a handy guide for Ukrainians SuUkraina.lt was developed, and updated, the awareness of Ukrainians regarding new, reliable channel of information was increased.

Also, an Integration Data Map was created to relieve the workload for all institutions working with coordinating the flow of refugees.


Polina Stasiuk
Polina Stasiuk
Kseniia Yerofeieva
Kseniia Yerofeieva
Milda Ulozaitė
Milda Ulozaitė

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