Polina Stasiuk

Polina Stasiuk



  • M.A. in Journalism (National University of Kyiv- Mohyla Academy)


  • 6 months in the biggest charity project for Ukrainian refugee children in Lithuania (coordination of internal and external communications, web page, social media, event management support)
  • News writer and host at Laisvės Media Group
  • 10 years in advertising and media planning, event management (Starcom, Euro RSCG, CMS, others), entrepreneurship, copyrighting


I came to Lithuania after the beginning of Russian invasion. Right away I was lucky to join the largest charity initiative for Ukrainian refugee kids (4 500 mothers and children each weekend). Seeing great empathy of Lithuanians through the lens of this enormous project, as well as through my own experience, I was deeply touched. It is a speed of light breakthrough to the ‘fraternal nations’ concept. Being a part of Create Lithuania I want to help Ukrainians not only to integrate and restart their lives, but to become contributors to Lithuania’s prosperity.


7 September 2022 - 3 March 2023

Bridging and Increasing Reach of Info-platforms for Ukrainian Refugees

Ministry of Social Security and Labor of the Republic of of Lithuania

The project goal is to increase the reach of existing information resources for Ukrainian refugees, providing recommendations and support on constant update of their content. Additional the team wanted also to relieve the workload for municipalities and all institutions, which are working with coordinating the flow of refugees. Goal was to create a tool where all the relevant data will be gathered and shown in one place, so there is no need to be searching for it.
6 March 2023 - 6 September 2023

Communication support on #CoCreateFutureOfUkraine projects

Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania

As Ukraine’s recovery initiatives are united under the Co-Create Future Of Ukraine brand, its development has become the core of the project. The following key objectives were identified: Create a development plan and start raising the profile of the Co-Create Future Of Ukraine brand; Increase the visibility of Lithuania’s efforts to rebuild Ukraine in the media; Develop visual identity documents for Co-Create Future Of Ukraine to position Lithuania as a country with deep expertise and projects in Ukraine.