Jonė Leščinskaitė

Jonė Leščinskaitė



  • Master of Science (MSc) in fisheries and wildlife population management (Swedish Ągricultural University)
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) in zoology (University of Aberdeen)


  • 3 year work experience in biological and ecological sciences and field work


I feel inspired by the changes that I can see happening in the last nine years, since I left Lithuania. I am beginning to understand what the teachers’ constantly repeated phrase means that we are the future of Lithuania. Now I feel very clearly what a difference the generational change makes, when more and more of my peers are influencing, occupying important positions and spreading completely new values. Until now, I have been a passive observer of how my generation is beginning to change the face of Lithuania, but those sincere changes and passion arouse my own desire to join this progress. As soon as I started thinking about what I could offer to Lithuania, my head buzzed like a beehive with ideas. Those ideas freed me from the established rhythm of life and gave me new perspectives.

In the field of my specialty, I realized that the nature of Lithuania, like elsewhere, is no less important for satisfying the well–being of the population. Especially since the threatening climate change is a global social, economic and political phenomenon and even such small states as Lithuania can be severely affected if certain protective measures are not taken. As in many fields, education and dissemination of information are critical tools for moving forward. For this reason, I want to work with education and involving the public in understanding nature.