Gabrielė Marija Baltrušytė

Gabrielė Marija Baltrušytė



  • Master of Laws in Comparative and International Dispute Resolution (Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom)
  • Bachelor of Laws (De Montfort University, United Kingdom)


  • 5 years of work and academic experience in international dispute resolution, animal rights, and sustainable development
  • DMUglobal visits to USA, Hong Kong, Belgium, Canada


I am returning to Lithuania after almost seven years of living and working in the United Kingdom, where I studied law. I have spent most of my time researching international dispute resolution in the renewable energy sector, animal welfare and sustainable development.

Each of us is responsible for the kind of society we live in, so I often wondered how the knowledge acquired abroad could contribute to the improvement of the Lithuanian public sector. “Kurk Lietuvai” provides a unique opportunity to turn such thoughts into real actions.