Aušra Raulušonytė

Aušra Raulušonytė



  • MA in Communication for Development, Malmö University (Sweden)
  • MA in Education, University of Leeds (United Kingdom)
  • BA in Philosophy, Vilnius University (Lithuania)
  • Study exchange in Humanities, University of Skövde (Sweden)


  • Lecturing and consulting in Communication for Development (3 years, freelance)
  • Project management and coordination (1 year, Lithuanian NGO sector)
  • EU publishing and communication project administrative traineeship (“Blue Book”, European Commission)
  • Coordination of communication and education programmes (1 year, Turkish NGO sector)
  • Social cohesion programme execution (1 year, the UK higher education institutions)
  • Teaching, education program planning and cultural education work (3 years, China’s private and public education sectors)
  • Research in neuroscience of morality, education technology and migration


I would not miss the opportunity to dive into a purposeful and challenging journey in the Lithuanian public sector together with the “Create Lithuania” crew. I have no doubt that a country that respects human rights, follows legal principles and integrates the equality of various interest groups has an inexhaustible potential for social and economic prosperity.

After a decade of building competences through working, accumulating knowledge through studying and getting to know local communities through volunteering in different Asian and European countries, I grasped the trends that lay the foundation for impactful change within diverse cultural contexts. Sustainable leadership, fostering institutional competences and community trust create a solid toolset for the continuous development of the state and its society. People who are not afraid to be themselves, who respect each other and who have the courage to speak out in the face of injustice build up such societies.

I commence the project at the Ministry of Justice. By combining my experience in education, communication and sustainable development, I am proud to contribute to the cultivation of human rights and the strengthening of the quality of state services in rapidly transforming Lithuania.


7 September 2023 - 1 March 2024

Mapping Lithuania’s Human Rights System

Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania

To effectively implement the obligations of international agreements, and to develop and strengthen the human rights field, it is necessary to diagnose the gaps of Lithuania’s human rights system. Ambition of the project “Mapping Lithuania’s Human Rights System” is to include stakeholders and generate an openly accessible diagram of the Lithuanian human rights field, responsibilities and functions allowing system participants to navigate human rights issues quickly and easily.