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Kurk Lietuvai Kurk Lietuvai

Vigour and an innovative approach – that’s what Create Lithuania is all about. For one year you will carry out breakthrough projects in the Lithuanian public sector on topics that interest you – from economy and innovation to industry, STEM, governance and many others.

Create Lithuania is your opportunity to turn problems into solutions, and solutions into changes in the country or even in the world.

Kurk Lietuvai
Why you should join:
  • You will initiate changes in the areas that matter to you on a national level.
  • You will present and improve your solutions together with the highest-level officials of the country.
  • You will strengthen your professional competences by leading projects in various fields and with professionals from various disciplines.
  • You will expand your network.
  • Acquired skills and achieved results can significantly contribute to your further career in Lithuania.
  • The experience of participating in the programme is extremely individual. Some participants emphasize professional development, others are happy to discover new areas of interest, and others are proud of the achieved results/changes.
  • Bachelor’s or higher academic degree.
  • At least 2 years of work experience.
  • Analytical, interpersonal communication skills, project management experience is an advantage.
  • Growth mindset, motivation to look for innovative solutions and take 100% responsibility for the success of the project.
  • English language skills.
  • International study and/or work experience, Lithuanian language skills is an advantage.
Kurk Lietuvai
Kurk Lietuvai
We offer:
  • Salary: EUR 2,400 per month (gross), corresponding to the responsibilities and duties of a public sector project manager, and all social guarantees.
  • One-year contract at Invest Lithuania, full-time.
  • 20 days of annual leave and 7 additional days off (total of 27 days off per year).
  • Training package.
  • Possibility to create changes in the Lithuanian public sector, in different national or regional level institutions.
  • There is a possibility to implement the project in English.

Selection process

  • Applications open until May 5


  • Start of the I interviews with successful candidates


  • Start of the II interviews with candidates who successfully passed I interview


  • Potentially III interview


  • Job offers for successful candidates


  • Coordination of project topics between participants and institutions


  • Programme starts


Create Lithuania alumni about the programme

Joining the Create Lithuania program was the sole reason I returned to Lithuania and entered the public sector in the first place. It's been three years, but I have never regretted my decision. I firmly believe that it opened up a new direction in my professional life. That's what makes the Create Lithuania program so unique - it enables you to experiment, make mistakes, and take responsibility for the most significant projects at the state level, transforming not just yourself, but also the entire country. Creating for Lithuania and its people is a privilege that must be selected and safeguarded for yourself and for the future.

Lauryna Filatovaitė Advisor to the Minister of Social Security and Labour of the Republic of Lithuania

Global Lithuania needs the ideas of open-minded, innovative and enthusiastic people. Create Lithuania is the ideal opportunity to turn them into reality!

Lukas Savickas Member of the Parliament

For me, Create Lithuania is an opportunity to work with a highly motivated team to move mountains, contributing to change on a regional and national scale.

Julija Taškūnaitė Head of the Marketing team at Invest Lithuania Marketing

I still think that the colleagues I worked with during Create Lithuania programme are one of the most talented people. Most of us are still friends, and in the future, I think we will help each other a lot professionally.

Mantas Aleksejevas Consultant

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