Laura Virbalė

Laura Virbalė



  • BA in Cultural History and Anthropology (Vilnius University, Lithuania)
  • Master of Arts in Political Science (University of Bologna, Italy, Corvinus University, Hungary)
  • Master of Arts in History (Vilnius University, Lithuania)


I left Lithuania with an enthusiasm and desire to explore, learn and create a better world. At that time Lithuania seemed too small. The twists and turns of my academic and professional life took me to Armenia, Italy and Hungary. I did not save the world, but I gained valuable experience and knowledge.

I always knew that I would return to Lithuania sooner or later. That is why I am very happy that the Create Lithuania programme gave me the opportunity to apply my experience and knowledge in the Lithuanian public sector. I believe that progressive ideas and projects will contribute not only to the growth of the Lithuanian economy, but most importantly, to the creation of social welfare.