Benas Švedas

Benas Švedas



  • Ongoing Euroforester MSc programme at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Forestry BSc at Vytautas Magnus University


  • Internships in forestry companies both in private and public sectors in Lithuania – Skogssällskapet and the State Forest Enterprise.
  • One year at doing landscape architecture studies and its implementation ensuring a close- to- nature approach, featuring local plant species and reuse of natural elements.
  • One year as a forestry consultant/manager at the Lithuanian agriculture advisory service


As I was gathering knowledge studying forestry in Lithuania, as well as widening my scope internationally at Euroforester MSc programme in Sweden and later in my professional experience, I always had many ideas about what should be done in Lithuanian forestry, agriculture and environmental protection sectors. I feel like I have a duty to share my knowledge. As soon as I found out about the Create Lithuania programme, I immediately understood that it is a once–in–a–lifetime opportunity to not only share my knowledge but to actually employ it to implement projects with visible effect.


6 March 2023 - 6 September 2023

Data-driven governance of the Green Deal in Lithuania

Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania

The main purpose of this project is to identify, collect and display the available data necessary for monitoring the commitments in the fields of climate and environmental protection of Lithuania and to expand the range of questions of the NEKS working group to include all issues in the Green Deal.
7 September 2022 - 3 March 2023

Application of webcrawling method in the Environmental Protection Department activities

Environmental Protection Department under the Ministry of Environment

The goal of the project is to speed up and automate the search for potentially illegal advertisements by using webcrawler, thus improving the conditions for the Department of Environmental Protection to perform its function of environmental control in an expeditious, efficient and qualitative manner.